BABI Hacking Challenge (BHC) is organized by Jighi and Enovise with the support of Orange, VISA, IBM. BHC is internationally recognized as one of the most complete hackathons in the world. It challenges competitors with real-world IT scenarios that eventually help fortify our security.

"BABI" is the nickname that Ivorians have assigned to the city of Abidjan, the economical capital of Ivory Coast. This nickname has been fondly chosen because of the joy of life of his citizens.


BABI Hacking Challenge (BHC) came to a successful conclusion and the winners will be announced at Hackathon Awards Ceremony today, Friday 26th, at 4:00 PM GMT.

team unknow
team unknow


Khalil Thiero
Kevin Adje

team aubenrock
team aubenrock


Kone Namogo Ben Armel
Djaki Loba Stéphane

woman avatar
woman avatar


Bisso Guy Sélassié Okou
Souleymane Zié Coulibaly

The Challenge

In addition to the challenge of making it to the inscription, the Babi Hacking Challenge (BHC) has two test phases: The qualifying phase and a final phase. The Babi Hackathon Challenge will admit only 10 teams, and each team will be composed of two persons.

Testing Phase One:
Testing Phase Two:

Babi Hacking Challenge 

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The potential candidate to the hackathon must pass the first test which consist of hacking the registration page and setting it up so he or she can register. The registration page of BABI hackathon is in itself a challenge. Those who cannot find a way to register cannot participate.

The Babi Hackathon Challenge will admit only 10 teams, and each team will be composed of two persons.  

 24th October 2018

Phase 1: Play Offs

During this phase, the teams will have to work to find security holes and exploit each one of them worth a number of points according to its level of difficulty.

When a team resolves a test it submits the flag to the level of the scoring platform which validates or not the gain of the points for the team. The scores will be displayed in real time throughout the event.

At the end of the 4 hours of competition, the three teams with the highest number of points will be qualified for the final phase.

In the event of a tie, time will decide between teams.  

25th October 2018

Final phase 

In this final phase the three qualified teams will go after each other in solving current and complicated security challenges in the field of cyber security.

These will be mostly in the defending categories of Malware Analysis,Reverse Engineering and Digital Forensics.

The teams having obtained the maximum point in this phase will be declared the winner of the 2018 edition of the BABI Hacking Challenge.  

Registration is closed

Countdown to the final challenge

Be ready for the biggest Hacking event in Cote d'Ivoire. 

The rule

  • Article 1: Participants - Each participant must have a computer and tools configured as these will not be provided. Each team must consist of at least one person and a maximum of 2 persons. 
  • Article 2 : Scoring -The winning team will be the one with the most points and finishing in the best time in the finals. 
  • Article 3 : Determination of the winner - This challenge must remain convivial and ethical. Participants in the Babi Hacking Challenge must respect some common sense rules that ensure fair competition and fair play. Attack scoring platform, other team machines or machines not explicitly designated as targets is formally prohibited - Modifying, altering data from certain events leads to disqualification - Sharing / exchanging flags between teams but also providing elements revealing clues with other teams is also prohibited - Babi Hacking Challenge staff will provide hints throughout the competition - Internet access is allowed throughout the contest We strongly encourage you to solve the various tests by being creative and using all the resources available on the net but avoiding asking for help from outside people. 
  • Article 4 : Behavior in the premises - A corner cafeteria will be provided and available to the participants who will have access throughout the challenge. It is strictly forbidden to bother other teams during the Challenge. 
  • Article 5 : Disqualification - The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team that does not respect the principles mentioned in the articles above. 

Registration is closed